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Solar Panel Mounting Structure


Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Nakshatra Solar Solar solution is engaged in manufacturing of solar panel mounting structures across India. Our Solar Mounting Structures are designed and engineered for each customer's site specific conditions to minimize the field installation labor and require no filed welding, drilling or other on-site fabrication.

These pre-engineered structures are fast to make, economical and can easily withstand 25-30 years without any maintenance. Our innovative technology and product is now so immensely famous that we are supplying these steel mounting structures for most of the solar energy projects in six different locations across India.

Nakshatra Solar manufactures solar module mounting structures for both land based and rooftop solar power plants. Our mounting structures combine optimum dimensioning, short mounting times, economic efficiency and maximum durability to ensure optimal returns on investments for all kinds of PV installations. Nakshatra Solar module mounting structures are available as standard individual units or built to meet specific requirements of customers.

Solar Panel Mounting Structure


Our Roof structures can be attached directly to the roof structure or may need use of additional rails to hold the panel racking or frames. We also manufacture ballasted footing mounts with concrete or steel bases that do not require penetration of roofs and can stand as individual structures. Our solar module mounting structures are manufactured using pre-galvanized material for longer life. Galvanized structures also prevent rusting and oxidation of structures ensuring longer life.

Structures for both
land based and rooftop

Our solar module mounting structures are manufactured
using pre-galvanized material for longer life.

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