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FPC Solar Water Heater


FPC Solar Water Heater

We offer FPC type solar water heaters. This system also works on Thermo siphon principle. The Only difference is instead of Glass tubes the tubes are made up of copper and they are welded to the copper Fins which transfers heat to the tubes and then to water. The hole structure is covered with insulated box of aluminium and toughen glass to transfer the sunlight inside. This system is only suitable for soft water.

It is a Solar Collector where Copper Fins are connected with Riser Tube (Copper) by ultrasonic welding. Tube & fins are coated with special Solar Selective Coating to increase the heat absorption from solar energy. Series of riser tubes are connected with bottom cold water header & top hot water header. Water gains heat from solar energy & flows upwards.

FPC Solar Water Heater


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